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Introducing Assemble Papers

Stop press! We are proudly publishing Assemble Papers, an online publication exploring the culture of living closer together and small footprint living. Assemble is big on context and understanding our place in the world – so it’s only fitting that Assemble Papers will connect the dots between the right and left sides of the brain across art, design, the environment, urbanism and finance. Editor Eugenia Lim and her contributors have been hard at work over the past few months, lining up interviews, writing, snapping photos, fuelled by too much coffee and inspiration – an explosive creative mix! We can’t give too much away but we hear UK thinker Alain de Botton makes an appearance, as does Newcastle’s own ideas man Marcus Westbury and we are fans! The Assemble Papers website will go live in late June, with free regular newsletters delivered straight to subscriber inboxes – make sure you sign up!

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