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The Social Studio shop (almost) complete

It’s been a little while since we updated you on Assemble news. That’s because we’ve been a bit too busy to write! It’s been an eventful year so far, continuing to publish our creativity and sustainability journal Assemble Papers while consistently scouring the Melbourne property landscape for our first Assemble small footprint residential project. Another bit of major news is our (almost) complete redesign of The Social Studio, an incredible social enterprise which comprises a shop (selling fashion-forward graphic and geometric clothes for ladies and men), fashion and hospitality school, cafe at the all-around good vibes HQ in Collingwood, Melbourne. After a number of years in operation, working with young people from refugee backgrounds and recent immigrants, predominantly from the Horn of Africa, The Social Studio was bursting at the seams and in need of a fresh, adaptable and sustainable new design on a low, low budget. This brief was right up our alley – Giuseppe and Eugenia supported TSS on a highly successful Indiegogo campaign (which raised over $17,000 to cover the cost of the renovations and materials) while Joachim came up with a flexible whitewashed plywood pegboard system and interior design which breathed new life into the daily operations of the store for customers and staff alike. Bright new lights were donated by the kind folk at Light Project. If you’re in Melbourne, head down to the TSS store to chat to the excellent team and to check our our redesign. The final touch will be a new reception counter which we hope to install by the end of 2013.

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