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Quino interviewed in AR!

Hola April! Our Joachim (Quino) Holland is interviewed alongside kindred-spirited veteran Graeme Gunn by guest editor Maitiu Ward of Architecture Review. The conversation covers the challenges and strategies in engaging with the private property development sector through quality design thinking from the 1960s to now. Graeme details two of his projects; Winter Park and Molesworth Street – both designed on the principle of aggregating parkland while increasing the density of houses. Woven in-between, Quino talks about the demands and issues surrounding the contemporary design of Australian homes – which are in need of greater downsize. Both architects recognise that the dated Aussie dream of owning a quarter-acre block needs to be significantly reshaped toward a more sustainable and small-footprint model of living.

Thanks to Graeme Gunn and Maitiu Ward for the stimulating banter.

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