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Meeting Jan Gehl

As you may already know,┬áMelbourne is no stranger to the title of ‘Most Liveable City’ (third time in a row as of this year!) This is definitely no accident, as pointed out by renowned architect and urban consultant Jan Gehl, when he recently visited Melbourne for an international study tour. Jan and Rob Moore, City of Melbourne’s Manager of Design, took us through the streetscapes of our beloved city. Melbourne’s signature laneway culture, outdoor dining and bicycle lanes are culmination of Jan’s influences and the persistence of local collaborators. In 1993, Jan recommended for these qualities of streetscape be implemented into the planning of future Melbourne but they were scoffed upon. Yet, now, we are enjoying the result of his fight for the human scale — a city which encourages people to hang around and enjoy being there. With many developed and developing cities requesting to ‘do a Melbourne’, we thank Jan for his dedication to the vision that cities are for people!

Biggest thanks to Mitra Anderson-Oliver for interviewing Jan.

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