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Small Footprint Living Survey


Our dedicated team at Assemble has been working hard to come up with a meaningful response to the current, complex debate on apartment design standards… And now we need your help! Following the release of ‘Better Apartments, A Discussion Paper’ by Victorian Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne MP – and renewed discussion amongst policymakers across the country – we are proud to announce the national Assemble Small Footprint Living Survey.

We’re reaching out to you – homebuyers, renters, developers, planners, architects and city-lovers alike – to tell us how you live now, and how you’d like to live in the future. Once you’ve shared your thoughts and experiences, you’ll get the opportunity to win a weekender with our friends at Hotel Hotel in Canberra!

Based on the survey findings we will prepare a detailed report made publicly available through the Assemble website. We’ll also submit the report to the Victorian Government as part of the consultation period for ‘Better Apartments, A Discussion Paper’, and use it as a conversation starter to engage with industry stakeholders and policymakers nationwide.

Our hope extends beyond influencing policy to also providing industry decision makers and home-buyers with a well-informed, useful resource that is representative of the greater community and their values.

Your input is crucial in determining the balance between the most important design factors and your budget, ultimately supplying a higher standard of living. The time to get involved is now. Show your commitment by further pollinating conversation and influencing action that rewards clever, considered design.

Illustration for Assemble by Alice Oehr 


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