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In collaboration with our development partners, we are looking in the inner north of Melbourne for small to medium scale apartment and townhouse projects to bring our ideas on small footprint living to life.


Assemble believes that early engagement with all stakeholders in the development process is critical to realising exceptional project outcomes.

We engage in a process of consultation and collaboration with local residents and councils to ensure our town planning proposals are sensitive to nearby residents and aligned with council objectives.

We involve prospective purchasers early in the development process through a series of design presentations prior to sales commencing in which feedback is sought and incorporated to the extent practical and financially viable to do so.

Through this process, we aim to develop projects that are sensitive to their surroundings, positively contribute to the neighbourhood, and are tailored to purchaser preferences.

Register your interest

If you like the sound of the projects we have in mind, please register your interest by answering some questions to help us test ideas on small footprint living and understand your preferences for your home.

By registering your interest, you will be informed about projects before they are released publicly. Apartments and townhouses will be offered for sale to those that have registered their interest in chronological order.

Please note, in order to tailor the project as much as possible to your needs, your responses will be recorded with you contact details. All information will be kept strictly confidential.